Saxon Mortgage Home Loan Modification Program Numbers For April 2010

The HAMP report for Saxon Mortgage, through the month of April, shows there was an increase in the number of permanent home loan modifications made from March.  The Making Home Affordable Program has been reporting gains in the number of homeowners assisted, which is welcome news as many have been struggling to pay their mortgage.

As of April, Saxon Mortgage has made 10,568 permanent home loan modifications for homeowners that are in distress.  This number is up from the March HAMP report which showed that Saxon had made only 8,721 permanent home loan modifications.

Also, Saxon Mortgage is reported to have 12,946 active trial home loan modifications in progress, again as of April, which is out of a possible 36,658 potentially qualifying homeowners.

While there have been problems among many lenders and homeowners, it should be noted that the Obama Making Home Affordable Program is still in progress to help struggling homeowners.  There are various types of mortgage assistance available for troubled homeowners, so those who are having trouble with their mortgage are being advised to talk to their lender about available assistance options.