Underwater Mortgage Principal Reduction Plans–Are They Available Or Is There An Alternative?

Homeowners across the nation have been suffering from a decrease in the value of their home and as a result many are stuck owing much more on their home than their home is actually worth. When a homeowner in this situation is facing few alternatives it’s obvious to see why some homeowners are frustrated, but there may be solutions for homeowners with an underwater mortgage that can help them afford their home.

Some homeowners have been asking for principal reductions simply because there was a steep drop in the value of their home. While there are cases where many lenders feel principal reductions are reasonable and there are some lenders who are widely practicing principal reductions, some banks feel this type of assistance is not something that should be used often.

There are banks who are against principal reductions that say in specific cases, where a homeowner may be having trouble paying their mortgage because of a loss in their home’s value or in instances where a homeowner lives in an area where they are unlikely to see any recovery in their home’s value, a mortgage principal reduction should be used.

While homeowners who are struggling to make their mortgage payment due to an underwater mortgage might have more assistance options available, like underwater mortgage refinancing plan or, again, principal reductions in some cases, other homeowners may be less fortunate.

Homeowners who are still able to pay their monthly mortgage payment but are suffering from an underwater mortgage may not have the opportunity to obtain a principal reduction, depending on their situation and mortgage lender. Homeowners who are frustrated with having an underwater mortgage have been walking away from their home, but this is something that should not be practiced as it can destroy someone’s credit.

Lenders may be willing to work with a homeowner who has an underwater mortgage in the short sale of their home. Some homeowners may be able to use a short sale option in order to get out from their underwater mortgage obligation and take less of a financial hit when it comes to their credit.

Homeowners suffering from an underwater mortgage are being told that they should contact their lender to talk about options and programs that may be available and would provide assistance for their specific situation.