Refinancing Your Home Mortgage For A Lower Monthly Mortgage Payment–Who Qualifies?

Homeowners that may be looking for a lower monthly mortgage payment might benefit from refinancing their home mortgage loan for a lower interest rate. Currently, interest rates are around or below 5% and for many homeowners this is a substantially lower mortgage rate then what they presently have.

There have been a number of economic factors that have caused financial strain in the lives of homeowners and has made it difficult for them to pay their mortgage payment. However, because low interest rates are available some homeowners are refinancing and as a result are getting a lower monthly mortgage payment which is making it easier for them to stay in their home and avoid foreclosure.

It needs to be understood, despite the fact that low mortgage rates are available and historic rates have been seen over the past few months, homeowners will not be guaranteed a low mortgage rate as factors like a homeowner’s credit score and the amount of equity in a home are going to weigh heavily into what rate is given by lender.

There are also various costs associated with refinancing a mortgage and homeowners need to make sure they are on firm enough financial ground to afford these costs and that refinancing will be in their best benefit. Homeowners that may get money back from refinancing also may benefit from putting this money towards their mortgage principal, as it will make their home more affordable over the long run.

Any homeowner who is considering refinancing will need to first talk with their lender in order to see what rate may be available and if refinancing is going to be in their best interest.