Will Student Summer Employment Opportunities Be Hard To Find–Summer Jobs Said To Be Scarce

Reports state that summer jobs will be difficult to find this year for college and high school students, as many temporary jobs may either be unavailable or are being given to people who have been unemployed for a few months now. Despite a report that more jobs were added to the economy in April and of those jobs added many new temporary positions were made available as well, there are those who feel summer employment will be hard to find.

However, more optimistic individuals feel that seasonal work will still be available as people are beginning to feel more comfortable with spending, traveling, and even vacations. Summer work is often needed by college and high school students in order to save up money for the coming school year, this is particularly true for college students, and many worry that there will be more students returning to school in the fall with less money in their bank accounts.

While summer employment may not be as easy to find as in past years, there are still jobs open where seasonal employees are going to be needed. Commonly, retail stores, internships, and the like were excellent places for students to find employment. Yet, many are advising students to begin looking at other options and look for jobs in areas that may be new to them.

It’s obvious that many students want to get a job or internship close to their field of study, when it comes to college students, but money may be the only motivating factor for a job this summer for many students who need employment while they are waiting for the new semester to begin.