Are Unemployment Benefit Extensions Still Needed Since April Jobs Report Shows Gains?

Despite little news being reported on past hot topics like unemployment benefit extensions, the problem of unemployment still remains. The April jobs report shows that there were gains as it was stated that an increase of 290,000 jobs were added to the economy, which marks yet another month where increases were reported.

However, these numbers are odd for many people as the estimated unemployment rate rose to 9.9%. This leaves many wondering how more jobs could be added yet unemployment increase. Also, this has many people asking, “Should unemployment benefit extensions be addressed and should additional benefit tiers be added?”

The issue of unemployment extensions and additional benefits have many people divided over what should be done for the long-term unemployed. This increase of jobs for April also has many people wondering why the unemployment rate rose.

There are those who say that, oddly enough, the rise in unemployment is a good sign and that some of these people simply quit their job out of discouragement feeling confident that they would find another job.

Yet, the fact remains that there are still countless men and women who are out of work, who have no more unemployment benefits to sustain them, and are still unable to find a job. There are many unemployed men and women who would like to see more extensions come from unemployment benefits, but more so, they want to see more jobs added at a higher rate.

While an increase in the amount of jobs created is positive news, there’s still a lot of work to be done to not only provide jobs for people who are still unemployed, but the unemployed men and women who were using unemployment benefits as a lifeline to pay for the basic costs of living are still in need and looking for solutions.