Healthcare For Small Businesses–Tax Credit Offers Employers Incentive To Provide Worker Health Insurance

Small-business owners may be able to benefit from a new tax credit option that gives employers an incentive to provide healthcare for their workers. This new tax credit is offered for small businesses and nonprofit organizations and can cover around 35% of the costs associated with providing health care for their employees.

Small businesses often avoid getting healthcare benefits for their employees because many employers feel that providing benefits and health insurance is simply too costly. This is something many business owners, that do provide healthcare for their employees, would disagree with.

Providing healthcare for workers is something that reaps benefits in other areas, according to many business owners. Many employers state that by providing health care benefits for their employees they are able to not only keep their employees happier but also more loyal and they can attract a higher level of talent, if they provide a good healthcare package.

Many workers are looking for good wages but they would be willing to take less pay if they were compensated through a healthcare plan. Many insurance companies can provide a variety of plans and policies that are affordable for any size business and with this new tax incentive for employers, through the 2010-2013 tax year, many small business owners may be able to provide insurance for workers at even less of a cost to them.