Apple iPad Sales Pass One Million In A Month–Are Consumers Comfortable Spending?

With the Apple selling over 1 million iPads in the first month people are wondering if this is a sign that consumer spending, consumer confidence, and the economy as a whole is on the rebound. Items that are purchased, like electronics, are often non-necessity items and usually these type of items see a drop in sales during economic hardships.

Despite the many followers and lovers of Apple products there are those who argue that even in times such as these, where the job market and economy are not as strong as they once were, people will still buy products like the iPad even though it may not be in their best financial interest.

Yet, with the amount of iPads sold in less than a month there are many who believe that consumers are feeling either more comfortable with spending or they simply are able to splurge on products that they may not necessarily need. While people can use products like the iPad for business, it’s not something that many feel would be widely purchased if consumers were struggling financially.

But again there are those who feel that no matter what financial state someone is in there are certain people who would still purchase a product like the iPad regardless. However, many optimists feel that since over 1 million iPads were sold in the first month this is an indicator that perhaps the economy is turning around and people are able to buy the products that may not be necessary purchases.

While Apple iPads are not the sole indicator of economic stability or consumer spending, the retail industry as a whole has seen gains over the last few weeks and many people are seeing this as a sign of economic recovery. On the other hand, there are more conservative analysts who believe that it will take more than retail sales increasing and iPads being sold in great numbers before we are back at full economic strength.