JP Morgan Chase Home Loan Modification Programs–Are Lenders Doing All They Can?

Homeowners with J.P. Morgan Chase have had troubles with the home loan modification program, as have other homeowners with other lenders, and many homeowners are angry because they are having difficulty trying to obtain a modification or have failed to avoid losing their home.

While J.P. Morgan Chase has seen success in the home loan modification program but there are still many people who feel that more needs to be done in order to help homeowners avoid losing their home. The Treasury Department has said they are going to begin reviewing lenders participation in the home loan modification program from the Obama administration and ifs lenders are found to not be doing all they can to prevent foreclosures they may stand to lose incentives from the Making Home Affordable Program.

There are various programs and plans that are set in place to help homeowners that are struggling with various mortgage difficulties as everything from underwater mortgages to unemployment have been causing many homeowners to have trouble making their mortgage payments.

While not all lenders have been on board with every solution from the Making Home Affordable Program, the majority of the big lenders have various programs in which homeowners can get a more affordable mortgage payment and avoid foreclosure.

While some programs are still forthcoming, struggling homeowners are being told that they need to talk to their lender about specific programs and assistance that may be available.