Unemployment Benefits Extension – The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Poorer

The following is a guest article from the Editor-In-Chief at subprimeblogger.com, Jesse Wojdylo. For the sake of hearing both sides of an argument, this article is an editorial against unemployment benefits extensions.

Recent news headlines state that the economy grew by 3.2%, which is less than expected, but consumer spending increased at a clip of 3.6% which is well above the previous quarters growth of 1.6%. While this is not the only economic indicator that matters it does say a lot about the United States. While Americans cry and complain that they need an extension of their unemployment they continue to find a way to spend money. Many of those on unemployment may state that the spending is done by the rich. Let me give you a little known secret about the rich – they don’t spend money, they make money! One of the common phrases I like to use is that smart people take your money and stupid and lazy people give you money.

I am by no means saying that everyone on unemployment is stupid or lazy. There are many on unemployment who are very intelligent but I would pose this question – have you done everything possible to get a job and better yet, did you do everything possible to maintain your previous job? I would venture to guess that you cannot honestly say yes to these questions. Let’s be completely honest, business is about making money. If you did everything possible to make your employer money then it is a bad decision for them to let you go. If you put your best foot forward and constantly worked with management to find new revenue streams then you would not be unemployed right now.

For arguments sake lets say that you did everything possible and still got laid off. Since then, have you take every necessary step to find employment again? Have you volunteered at local businesses? Have you been to any networking events? Do you even have a LinkedIn account (yet I bet you have a Facebook account)? Have you contacted every single successful person in your social network and asked for advice repeatedly? If you answered no to any of these then you are not doing everything possible to get a job.

Over the course of history the richer continue to get richer and the poor get poorer. In the current economic environment this reigns true. All the Americans that claim to need OVER 99 weeks of unemployment are helping all those smart, hard working individuals to gain more revenue and increase their salary. In essence, the unemployed are continuing to pay the huge bonuses that most of you complain about. By not taking the extra step to gain employment you are allowing businesses to hire less and put even more revenue in their pockets. You are also spending all those unemployment checks at their businesses!

While I know this will never change I hope that most of you who have exhausted your unemployment get out there and do whatever it takes to get a job. There are jobs out there and if you are a true asset to our economy you will find one even if it isn’t “ideal.”