SBA Small Business Lending–Are Banks Not Providing Capital Or Are Businesses Unwilling To Borrow

Many small businesses are looking for capital so that they can grow and expand their operations but there are small business owners who say that banks are not providing the much-needed capital to do just that. However, there are those who say that banks are not the only problem as many small business owners are unwilling to borrow at the present time.

It is said that one key to combating unemployment is through small business job creation. However since so many people are unemployed there is the problem of small businesses not being able to make the profits needed to grow and create jobs.

Yet, small business owners say that if banks would lend them the capital they need they could expand their businesses in such a way that would allow them to hire more workers and become more profitable. Many lenders believe that small businesses are not growing not because of a lack of lending but because of caution due to the economy still being relatively uncertain.

The Small Business Administration has provided guarantees for small business loans made from lenders. This has allowed more businesses to get the small business loans they need, but there is still the problem that businesses are not growing at a rate that is able to combat the number of unemployed men and women in our country.

There is some disagreement here, however lenders say that they are providing the capital needed for small businesses to grow and businesses who don’t see this may be able to benefit from a Small Business Administration loan.

Small business owners looking for a loan to help their business may want to contact the small business administration or talk with community banks about getting small business loans.