Well Fargo Mortgage Modification—Homeowners Want More Assistance Options

Mortgage assistance options from Wells Fargo are available to homeowners that are struggling to make their mortgage payment, but homeowners with an underwater mortgage are being asked that more assistance options, in the form of principal reductions, be made available.

Homeowners that have an underwater mortgage are growing frustrated, especially those who have trouble making their home loan payment due to financial struggles.  Some homeowners are growing so angry about their underwater mortgage that they are simply walking away from their home entirely.

Yet, principal reductions are not something that many homeowners are going to receive, according to some lenders, as many banks feel that principal reductions are simply not a practical solution for an underwater mortgage.

There are lenders like Wells Fargo who have stated there are exceptions where a principal reduction may be considered, but overall, there is nothing to be gained from widespread principal reductions on underwater mortgages.

Homeowners may have alternate options when it comes to dealing with their mortgage, as plans from the Obama Making Home Affordable Program are still in place.  However, homeowners are being advised to talk with their lenders about these options specifically available to them.