Underwater Homeowners Ask For Principal Reductions But Lenders Are Hesitant

Many lenders are unwilling to make principal reductions on a large scale when it comes to homeowners with an underwater mortgage.  The problem many lenders have is they don’t like the idea that homeowners who agreed to a specific amount on their mortgage are asking that they be given a smaller amount simply because they don’t like the fact that they are paying more on a home than it’s worth.

It’s understandable that homeowners are frustrated though as many admit they understand a home may lose value, but the level at which some homes have depreciated is giving cause for alarm and homeowners feel that in these cases home prices were inflated and unfair so they deserve a principal reduction.

However, lenders argue that if a homeowner had seen a drastic increase in their home’s value the bank wouldn’t have raised their principal amount, so in many cases, homeowners shouldn’t be given principal reductions.

There are forms of aid available to help homeowners that have an underwater mortgage and may be struggling to make their home loan payment.  Also, lenders have said there are instances in which a principal reduction should be used, like when substantial home value is lost and the home is in an area that isn’t likely to see a gain in home prices to offset the loss, but again, principal reductions aren’t being embraced by all lenders.

It is being advised that homeowners should take care to talk with their lender about options related to an underwater mortgage and available assistance for such a situation.