Job Opportunities—Is The Job Market Growing Enough To Combat Unemployment?

Reports that jobless benefits claims have dropped may give some hope to a recovering job market, but there are those who feel there is an underlying cause for drops in jobless claims that may signal things aren’t as great as they seem.  Many feel that since unemployment benefits have expired for so many of the unemployed, those who no longer can file and are still without a job aren’t being factored in to these figures.

Also, if these numbers are a good reflection of the job market’s growth, there are not enough jobs available still.  Millions of unemployed men and women are struggling to find work and there still seems to be hesitation on the part of employers when it comes to bringing in new workers or opening new jobs.

While some companies are creating jobs they are a minority in the job market, and the amount of jobs that are open aren’t enough to combat the high unemployment rate our nation is experiencing.
There is also the problem of unemployed men and women being overqualified or under-qualified for those jobs that are out there.  However, it does seem that things may be looking up though, even if it is slowly and maybe to a lesser degree than reports show.

Unemployed men and woman have been asking for further extensions for unemployment benefits, but these cries for assistance haven’t been heard yet.  However, it’s hoped that these numbers for the job market show signs of hope and that in the coming months jobs are going to open to a point that unemployment begins to take a drastic fall.