Citigroup Underwater Mortgage Homeowners Seek Mortgage Assistance To Make Homes Affordable

Homeowners with Citigroup are still seeking mortgage assistance as the housing market and unemployment still take a toll on many homeowners.  Unemployment, falling home prices, and underemployment are causing many homeowners to struggle in their home loan payments, but there are options to provide assistance.

Plans like principal reductions, unemployment forbearance options, refinancing, or a home loan modification are all programs that stem from the Making Home Affordable Program, but not all lenders are using every HAMP plan.

There are options from some lenders, like Citigroup, that are providing alternate assistance plans for struggling homeowners through in-house programs.  Homeowners are asking that more be done to save homes as the economy and job market’s growth is still not enough to put people back into a financially secure position.

Homeowners are being advised to contact their lender for options available to them.  While, again, not all lenders are on board with some of the Obama Administration’s programs, there are still options for many homeowners through programs with their specific lenders.