Mortgages With Citigroup—Homeowners Still Looking For Principal Reduction And Modification Assistance

Homeowners with a Citigroup mortgage are still asking that more be done in the realm of principal reductions as housing troubles continue to plague countless homeowners.  Mortgage assistance options from Citigroup group are, according to the lender, available in a variety of forms, but homeowners are still calling for more to be done.

An underwater mortgage is a frustrating situation for any homeowner, but many lenders are not widely using the principal reductions that homeowners have been seeking.  Homeowners have endless stories of trouble from various lenders when it comes to finding mortgage assistance, so lenders are being asked to step up their mortgage modification efforts.

While Citigroup has had some impressive numbers in the home loan modification program, unemployment and underwater mortgages have homeowners looking for new forms of assistance.

There are some programs from the Obama Administration, like principal reductions plans and forbearance options that are set to help homeowners down the road, but lenders are still being asked to find solutions at the present time.

Some lenders, like Citigroup, claim to have principal reduction programs in place, but lenders have been hesitant to use this type of mortgage assistance as widely as homeowners would like.

Advisors say that homeowners, no matter their mortgage lender, needs to contact their mortgage holder to find out exactly what options are available, if they are struggling with their mortgage payment.