Unemployment Benefits Extensions And Jobs—Has The Job Market Stalled?

With unemployment extensions being called for, additional weeks of benefits being asked to be made available, many unemployed are using the current job market as reason for passing an extension that seems to be unpopular in Congress and with employed Americans as well.

There is a big debate over additional extensions, not necessarily making people lazy, but providing them with the security to not look for a job as hard or at all.  There are stories of people who waited out there unemployment benefits before they got serious about finding a job, only to easily land a position, but is this a universal normal?

There is no doubt that the job market is far from thriving, despite jobs being out there.  The problem that many fail to see is that there are jobs available, yes, but there are not enough jobs available.  Even with this reported “milking of the unemployment system” there are still countless individuals who want a job, yet can’t get one.

Interviewers and employers are able bypass countless qualified candidates to find one worker, who likely is overqualified and will be underpaid, and this still leaves numerous men and women without a job.

People say that unemployed men and women are simply lazy, but few are making enough from their unemployment benefits to even pay the bills, so what incentive do these honest jobseekers have in remaining on unemployment?

There are also those who say that cutting off benefits will force unemployed men and women to get a job but are there enough jobs available for those who are unemployed if benefits were cut off?

Some do find a job after their benefits end and some people do abuse the unemployment system, however, what the unemployment situation calls for is a job market that has more businesses and companies set, ready, and willing to hire.  It would seem that at the present time the job market, although hiring, can’t sustain the amount of men and women who want employment.