Pending Permanent Home Loan Modifications As Of March Is 108,202 For Making Home Affordable Program

The home loan modification program has seen an increase in the number of pending permanent home loan modifications for March, as the number now stands at 108,202.  This number is up from the previous month and for 2010 as well.

While there are still problems in the home loan modification program and in the housing market as a whole, there is some hope that homeowners are continuing to find assistance with their mortgage through the Making Home Affordable Program.

However, some homeowners that have had a bad experience with their lender say that increases in numbers like pending permanent home loan modifications, compared with the number of actual permanent home loan modifications, show that lenders are not making modifications permanent but rather leaving homeowners in modification limbo.

The home loan modification program is still ongoing and there are also initiatives from the Making Home Affordable program that are set to help homeowners with an underwater mortgage and those who have been suffering from unemployment.

Homeowners that are having mortgage troubles are being advised to talk with their lenders about available assistance, but again, there have been problems for some homeowners in getting mortgage help.