College Financial Aid—Who Qualifies For University Scholarships And Pell Grants?

Students that worry about paying for college should take the time and research their options for scholarships and Pell Grants before turning to loans, or worse, giving up on going to college.  While student loans can be a great way to pay for college, there is no reason to have them fully fund one’s educations.

Scholarships are given out for a variety of factors, from countless sources, and come in varying amounts.  There are scholarships from private organizations to universities that are available, so anyone that may be or hope to be college-bound needs to exhaust their scholarship opportunities both locally and at a state and federal level.  Also, talking with one’s perspective university’s financial aid office is going to open up options as well.

There are also Pell Grants for low-income students who may have a greater need for assistance in paying for school.  Pell Grants are a form of financial aid that is given based on a student’s family income and, like scholarships don’t have to be paid back.

There are many sources for finding financial aid, and don’t think that if student loans are your only option you can’t attend college.  However, to minimize the amount of student loans you have to borrow or to get college paid for completely, you will want to do some research at places like or simply search on Google for scholarships and grants.