Federal Pell Grants Available For Low Income College Students—Makes Tuition More Affordable

Any prospective college student that worries about paying for college may benefit from the federal Pell Grant program.  Pell Grants are money given to college students and based on their personal or family’s income to aid in paying for college.  Also, Pell Grants don’t have to be paid back like student loans.

Many students from a low income household often forgo going to a university due to the costs associated with obtaining a college education, but many feel that this could be a waste of America’s intellectual resources as educational prowess isn’t something that is necessarily associated with one’s income or confined to a section of society.

Any student coming from a low-income family can apply for a Pell Grant at no cost and may be given the funds to pay for their education.  The Obama Administration and Congress formed and passed a law changing the way federal student loans are handled and these changes mean that students stand to receive more Pell Grant educational funding in the future.

While scholarships are an option as well, one must really dig, research, and apply to get a scholarship, but they can be given for more reasons than Pell Grants, making them more available in some ways.  However, any student coming from a low-income family and looking to fully pay for their education should exhaust their scholarship options and seek out a Pell Grant before considering a student loan.