30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Refinancing Options—Are Mortgage Rates Still Low?

Mortgage refinancing options on a 30-year fixed rate mortgage are still relatively low as rates stay around 5% for homeowners that are looking to buy or refinance.  Homeowners have seen rates as low as 4.75% in some cases, but even without getting a rate at such a level, many homeowners are still going to benefit from a rate around 5%.

Many homeowners have been looking to refinance their mortgage to a 30-year fixed rate mortgage in the hopes that getting a lower mortgage rate would also bring about a lower mortgage payment as well.  Some homeowners that were struggling to make their home loan payment benefited from refinancing due to the lower interest rate bringing a lower mortgage payment and some homeowners that may have gotten a refund from refinancing were able to pay on their mortgage principal.

Homebuyers looking to buy a home are still able to get an affordable home and a low interest rate at current levels.  Despite fears that mortgage rates were going to rise drastically, they still remain around 5%, which again, is an affordable rate for many homeowners and homebuyers.

Yet, homeowners and homebuyers are cautioned to be careful about buying or refinancing.  Before anyone buys or refinances their home they should be sure they are on a stable enough financial ground to afford doing so.