Bank of America Permanent Home Loan Modifications At 32,900 As Of March 2010

Bank of America’s home loan modifications, as of March 2010 are at 32,900 for permanent home loan modifications made.  This is up from 20,666 from February’s home loan modification program report, which is made by the Making Home Affordable Program.

There has been an increase for home loan modifications made by Bank of America as of last as they have seen a jump in their numbers since the first of the year.  The report for January’s home loan modification program had the big lender at only 12,761 permanent home loan modifications made.

As of March, Bank of America has made either a trial modification or a permanent modification for 26% out of the total number of homeowners that potentially qualify for a mortgage modification in the Making Home Affordable Program.  This number is up from only 22% as of January’s home loan modification report.

Homeowners are still struggling in their mortgage as the home loan modification program has been expanded to provide more assistance to homeowners that have an underwater mortgage or who are unemployed.