As Of March, JP Morgan Chase Has Made 31,460 Permanent Home Loan Modifications

According the March 2010 Making Home Affordable Report, JP Morgan Chase has made 31,406 permanent home loan modifications.  JP Morgan Chase is one of the top lenders in the Making Home Affordable program and has seen increases over the last few months.

The number of permanent home loan modifications from JP Morgan Chase rose in March.  The permanent modifications made in February by Chase were 19,385 and in January of 2010 they only had made 11,581.  This increase has helped many homeowners with JP Morgan Chase as numerous homeowners are still in need.

Also, JP Morgan Chase has made either a permanent or a trial home loan modification, as of March, for 37% of the homeowners that potentially qualify, but sadly this number has dropped from 39% in February and 38% in January.

However, JP Morgan, as well as other lenders and homeowners, are now facing trouble in the housing market stemming from underwater mortgages and unemployment.  The Obama Administration has asked lenders to start making principal reductions and forbearance plans for homeowners, but not all lenders are on board as of yet.