Low Interest Student Loan Consolidation—Does It Help All College Graduates?

College graduates often leave college with some form of college loans.  For many students these college loans are from different lenders, at times, and after their post-graduation grace period has expired many graduates are left owing money to multiple sources.  This is a time where low interest student loan consolidation may be beneficial.

College graduates that, for instance, have a few student loans from two or three lenders may be able to consolidate their loan into one lump sum, which comes with one interest rate and is easier to manage.  This can be a good option for anyone struggling to repay their loans, but there are a few things to be aware of first.

There are certain types of loans, like federal loans and institutional loans that may not consolidate, so before you get a student loan consolidation loan be sure your loans will consolidate.  Also, a low interest consolidation may look nice, but you may pay more over the long run due to an extended repayment period and interest on a higher amount.  You’ll have to do some math and see how long it will take you to repay a consolidation loan and how much it will cost before you proceed.

Student loan consolidation isn’t going to be for everyone, but by looking at your personal student loan situation you are going to be able to see which way is going to be more cost efficient in your repayment.  Take the time to figure this out before making any decisions about student loan consolidation.