Are Pell Grants Available To Graduate Students—What Are The Student Aid Options?

Many undergraduates are able to obtain a Pell Grant, which is essentially money given based on one’s income which goes toward college expenses and doesn’t have to be paid back.  While there are many undergraduates that are helped by these Pell Grants, graduate students are also asking if they can qualify.

According to the governmental program FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid, Pell Grants are usually only available to graduate students if they are in a teaching program or pursuing a degree related to education.  There are also tax credits that can help some college graduate students, if they qualify.

However, Pell Grants, which are a great source of assistance for many college students, are not the only way to pay for school.  New laws have made student loans easier to obtain, repay, and have lowered interest rates as well.

Also, there are countless scholarships from universities and private sources that can help pay for school and there may be even more options open for financial aid depending on your career or the degree which you want to pursue.

Consulting sources like the FAFSA website for Student Aid Information, looking online, at your university, and even in your local area may yield all the student aid options you need.  The thing about Financial Aid though, you have to apply for as many forms as you can and totally exhaust your options if you want to get your graduate education paid for.