Get Out Of Debt—One Simple Way Is To Make A Weekly Or Monthly Budget

Many who are in debt are in that position due to credit card debt or from taking out a loan for various reasons.  While some forms of debt are unavoidable or come up due to an emergency, the vast majority of debt is avoidable.  Debt can be cured and avoided by one simple practice: budgeting.

Making a weekly or monthly budget is going to be an asset and a valuable tool in helping you get out of debt.  If you are able to make your home payment, car payment, and pay your utilities, but have a substantial amount of debt from credit cards, you are going to have to start looking at your income versus what is owed and draw up a battle plan.

If your income is just barely making ends meet you will have to be thrifty about how you spend your money.  Buying food is a necessity, but buying food on credit isn’t nor is getting the most expensive brands.

Also, if you typically buy non-necessities, like enough clothes to fill a few closets or trinkets for a hobby, you may need to forego those purchases for a while until you get your debt under control.  By saving money and then using a method made famous by Dave Ramsey, which is paying minimum payments on all your sources of debt but one, and focusing as much money as you can on that one source of debt until you have it wiped out, you can get out of debt in a more timely manner.

But getting out of debt is easy compared to staying out of debt.  If you can climb out of debt and then use budgeting practices and the principal of “don’t buy it unless you have the money”, you can make your financial life much easier in the future.