Are Unemployment Benefits Extensions Likely When Congress Returns From Break?

Many worry that when the Senate returns they will extend unemployment benefits for those who are still able to simply apply and not add an additional tier to the unemployment benefits extension program that has kept so many afloat.

While there are rumors that the Senate will most likely address the extension of additional weeks of unemployment benefits, there are also sources and rumors that say any extension from the Senate will only be for the application deadline.

There seems to be the need for consistency in unemployment benefits as many individuals have gotten up to 99 weeks of benefits while others have gotten only 26 weeks.  The amount of benefits one is able to collect depends on their state’s unemployment rate in many cases, but the need for longer extensions for benefit tiers seems to be obvious as the job market is reported to be only slowly growing.

While it seems like a sure thing that the job market will recover, perhaps not to be the same job market before the recession, but one with enough jobs for the millions who are currently unemployed, providing those who are in the long-term unemployment group a means of income is something that has to be addressed.

There are incentive programs for employers to hire long-term unemployed men and women and the job prospects for later in the year look promising, but at the present time, millions are losing their benefits and it would seem that a simple extension to file for unemployment benefits is going to do little for those in need of an additional tier.