Unemployment Benefits Extension—Does The Government Owe Unemployed Workers?

The unemployment benefits extension, a much needed Tier 5 extension, has been put on hold as the Senate is on break for the Easter holiday, and many unemployed men and women are left without any form of income.  While the topic of unemployment benefits draws a heated debate between the two sides, an excellent point has been made and asks the question: “Does the Government Owe Unemployed Workers?”

On the side against more extensions of unemployment benefits are those who feel that unemployment benefits extensions are making people lazy and unmotivated to look for work, and while there may be a minority that stigma applies to, the majority of men and women actually looking for a job is greater than the number of positions available.

So, unemployment benefits are the lifeline for many men and women, and despite the figures of unemployed men and women versus the number of job openings being very lopsided, people are still angry over those who are out of work and getting money.

Yet, the question has been raised: does the Government not owe unemployed men and women the funds to sustain the most basic of necessities, as it was corruption, greed, and a severe lack of regulation that led to the economic recession that caused businesses to suffer and jobs to be lost?

Also, the financial institutions and businesses that were the cause of the economic turmoil were given billions to stay afloat since they were deemed “vital to the economy”, but are not workers and a nation’s people also vital to the economy?

Again, there very opposing sides to this situation, but what many unemployed are asking is if the government is supposed to protect their citizens from threats both foreign and domestic, and a failure occurred in regards to a massive financial threat that caused the economy to take a big hit, should not the government do more to help citizens while job creation ideas and solutions are found?