High Interest Checking Accounts—Where Are They And Can You Get One?

High interest checking accounts can be an asset to anyone looking to earn a bit more on the funds in their bank account without having to keep a high minimum balance. Many lenders are offering these accounts so it’s just a matter of looking in your area or going online.

Multiple online banks do offer great, high-yield checking accounts, so they are always a viable option.  There are also high interest online savings accounts from online banks and both savings and checking accounts at the majority of these banks are available for anyone.  Just be sure you choose a reputable online bank insured by the FDIC.

However, you may want to look at local community banks and credit unions for offers on high interest checking and savings accounts as well.  Many smaller, community banks can offer a great interest rate on a variety of accounts and you will be helping a community institution while getting a high interest checking account.

Keep in mind though if you find an account you like at a credit union, you will have to join in most cases.  So if you have a bad credit history that may not be an option.  Yet, a little research into your community or region may yield excellent results for a checking account that’s a great fit for you.