Wells Fargo Still Working With Homeowners On Home Loan Modifications

Wells Fargo is still looking to raise their numbers in the Making Home Affordable home loan modification program and aid more distressed homeowners.  More and more homeowner are falling into the delinquently category in their mortgage and those homeowners are still in need of assistance.

Distressed homeowners are, commonly, just looking for a way to keep their home.  The Making Home Affordable Program, although criticized by many, is helping homeowners keep a roof over their head during these difficult economic times, but the process hasn’t been perfect.

However, there are reports that the program isn’t moving as smoothly as many would like, seeing as there have been calls for banks to make more permanent home loan modifications and homeowners are complaining about little or no organization and almost nonexistent assistance from customer service reps and modification agents.

While there are no perfect lenders, homeowners with Wells Fargo shouldn’t get too worried when they meet a difficult point in the modification process.  There are more and more modifications being made by the top lenders each month, so persistence is what it will take for homeowners to get the results they want from the home loan modification program.