JP Morgan Home Loan Modification Program—Homeowners Want More Results

Homeowners with JP Morgan looking for a home loan modification have been fortunate enough to see the lender make more and more progress each month in the Making Home Affordable Program.  However, what many that have yet to get a permanent modification worry about is the fact that their home loan modification isn’t coming fast enough.

While there are many homeowners that have been helped by JP Morgan and the Making Home Affordable home loan modification program, there are many homeowners crying out for more results and better customer service from lenders.

Keeping homeowners in a trial modification period longer than the three month requirement has been one main problem between homeowners and lenders, as well as, homeowners seemingly being denied their permanent modification without any explanation from their lender.

Despite problems though, homeowners continue to persist toward their goal of a permanent home loan modification.  While some have a more difficult road than others, it’s becoming clearer that not every homeowner is going to breeze through the home loan modification process, but with lenders making more and more permanent modifications each month, that is reason to continue the tough process of saving your home.