Home Loan Modifications Still Being Made Through Citigroup CitiMortgage

Homeowners that are looking for a home loan modification from Citigroup CitiMortgage are still able to take advantage of the Making Home Affordable Program.  Sadly, there are still homeowners whose mortgage is becoming delinquent, and getting closer to defaulting, so lenders like Citigroup are looking to provide more and more assistance for homeowners.

However, there are accounts from homeowners with Citigroup CitiMortgage, as well as other lenders, that problems in the home loan modification process within the Making Home Affordable Program still remain.  Many homeowners are reporting that talking to a representative is close to impossible and there seems to be little interest on the part of some lenders in even making home loan modifications at all.

Yet, Citigroup has one of the highest percentages in the Making Home Affordable Program, when comparing trial and permanent modifications against the total number of homeowners that potentially qualify.

That doesn’t mean, however, that there is little work left to be done.  Citigroup not only works with the Making Home Affordable Program, but they have in-house programs to help homeowners as well, so if you are looking for a Citigroup home loan modification, then keep pressing on as there are mortgages still being modified.