Unemployment Benefits Extension On Hold In The Senate As Senate Recess Begins

The debate and vote for the unemployment benefits extension has stalled in a situation that is similar to the events of the last unemployment extension discussion as, once again, a lone Senator blocks the passage of the legislation.  Despite the Senate beginning their Easter Recess break, there have been statements that the Senate’s first priority when they return is unemployment benefits extensions and that any legislation passed will be retroactive to make up for any time and benefits lost.

Many of the unemployed are asking for additional weeks of unemployment benefits, or a Tier 5 set for the extension of benefits, as there are still countless men and women that are both long-term unemployed and still unable to find a job.

Critics of the long-term unemployed often simply state, “get a job”, but this callous and perhaps even uneducated way of thinking is, at the very least, troubling to those who have been desperately seeking employment in a very unwelcoming job market.

Many unemployed men and women are competing with hundreds or even thousands of others all vying for one job.  If one takes that into account and adds the fact that many open jobs are beneath the experience and education of the majority of unemployed men and women, it’s clear to see that getting a job is no easy task.

While numerous unemployed men and women compete with hordes of other individuals for one job or a hopeful long-term unemployed man or woman interviews for a position they feel may be their saving grace, only to be met with the crushing phrase, “you’re over qualified,” it seems that after years in the workforce, more of a helping hand in the form of unemployment benefit extensions would be offered, until the job market improves.

However, at the current time, those looking at a loss of benefits or who have already seen their unemployment benefits expire will have to wait and hope that the Senate can reach an agreement that will provide them with the small bit of sustainability that they have been relying on for so long.