Student Loans With Bad Credit—Can You Pay For Your Education?

Many prospective college students that have bad credit are looking for options to pay for school.  Sadly, many people feel that when they have a bad credit score, due to a poor credit history, there is little they can do to obtain the funds needed to either go to college for the first time or return and finish their degree.  However, a bad credit score doesn’t disqualify you from getting financial aid for college.

Obviously, if you are looking to go to college you will want to look at your scholarship and grant options first.  Both of these types of financial aid don’t have to be paid back and can be applied for by just about anyone.

However, if you are looking at student loans as your only option, the good news is that there are types of federal student loans that have little to do with your credit score.  Federal Stafford Loans are governmental loans that hardly or sometimes never look at your credit score.  They way Stafford Loans may act like a personal lender is, rather than looking at your credit score, there are limits set on the amounts you can borrow each school year, and the longer you are in school the more aid you get.

Financial Aid websites like and offer a wide variety of services for students looking for student loans to pay for college, so you will want to do your homework and see what these websites, as well as others, have to say and offer in terms of student loans.  Again, there is financial aid available for going to college, so bad credit is never an excuse.