Homeowners Want More Permanent Home Loan Modifications From Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo has had both ups and downs in the home loan modification program, but despite any success, Wells Fargo homeowners are still calling for more permanent home loan modifications to be made.  Wells Fargo, along with other lenders in the Making Home Affordable Program, have been called on to do more when it comes to getting homeowners into a permanent modification for their mortgage.

While many homeowners are still becoming delinquent in their mortgage payment, lenders like Wells Fargo are being asked to keep up and not only move homeowners into a permanent modification faster, but also get newly qualifying homeowners into a trial modification at a speedier rate as well.

Many of the big lenders in the Making Home Affordable Program have picked up speed as the numbers of trial, permanent and pending modification have increased with most banks, but there are still troubles in the mortgage modification process.

Some homeowners with Wells Fargo may have had a frustrating road on their way to a home loan modification; others are happily in a permanent modification, which is making their home mortgage payment less burdensome each month.  Homeowners with Wells Fargo should continue onward toward a modification because despite setbacks, there is progress being made.