Citigroup CitiMortgage Homeowners Refinance Mortgage For A Lower Interest Rate

Citigroup CitiMortgage is one of the mortgage lenders offering low mortgage interest rates on home loans and refinancing.  Homeowners that refinance with Citigroup, or other mortgage lenders offering low mortgage rates that the present time, are getting interest rates on their mortgage for around 5%.  Some homeowners have even see rates as low at 4.75%.

Also, homeowners aren’t just refinancing to a lower interest rate.  Many homeowners are refinancing to a 30-year fixed rate mortgage and getting a lower monthly mortgage payment as well.  Citigroup homeowners concerned with their mortgage payment may want to look into refinancing for a 30-year fixed rate mortgage, if they can afford to do so and it’s in their best interest.

Refinancing can also bring in more money if a homeowner had equity built in their home.  Many homeowners refinance to get money from their home and pay off debt or home repairs, but homeowners that refinance to a lower interest rate and get money back may fair better if they pay on their mortgage principal.

Again, Citigroup isn’t the only big lender offering low interest rates at the present time.  Check with other lenders and be sure you are getting the best possible rate when refinancing your home loan and that you are in the financial position to afford to refinance before proceeding.