Is An Unemployment Extension On The Way For Those Whose Benefits Expired?

There are reports that another extension of unemployment benefits may be on the way as many unemployed man and women have seen their benefits expire due to legislation that passed, which only allowed for an extension to sign up for benefits but didn’t extend the weeks unemployment benefits could be collected.

In an article from The Michigan Messenger, it is thought that the Senate will look to vote on a short-term extension of benefits this week but the specifics of how that extension will effect the unemployed is uncertain.

There are many unemployed men and women that have been asking for additional tiers for unemployment benefits, as jobs are still difficult to come by.  Many people see the extensions of the weeks of benefits as making the unemployed lazy or unwilling to look for work, but those who make this argument ignore the fact that there are far too few jobs available compared to the number of people that are in need of work.

Also, some job openings aren’t available to specific individuals, as being “overqualified” for a job has become a problem many of the unemployed are facing.  Additional extensions for unemployment benefits has been called for by many that are out of work, and there seems to be no other solution to the unemployment problem until there is more done to promote job growth.