Wells Fargo March Home Loan Rates Remain Low For Refinancing And New Homeowners

Homeowners with Wells Fargo have been able to take advantage of low interest rates over the past couple of months on both buying and refinancing a home.  Many homeowners, not only with Wells Fargo, have been able to get an interest rate around 5%, which has gone a long way in making the cost of a home more affordable.

By offering lower rates on mortgages and refinancing a home loan, Wells Fargo homeowners, who qualify for one of these low rates, have been able to lower their monthly mortgage payment, which has helped many homeowners struggling in their finances.

The housing market is still seen as weak or still improving by many and there are some analysts who feel that the mortgage rates on homes that have been so low for so long are going to begin to rise soon.

As to if this rise in mortgage rates is going to come true or not, no one can know for sure, but not only Wells Fargo, but other lenders as well, still are offering low mortgage rates.  Any homeowner that may be looking to refinance for a lower rate, or any homeowner in general looking for a lower rate, at the present time may be able to find not only lower interest rates on a mortgage, but a lower monthly payment as well.