JP Morgan Keeps Home Loan Interest Rates Low In March

Homeowners that are refinancing with JP Morgan Chase have been able to take advantage of the low mortgage rates offered by, not only JP Morgan, but many of the top lenders as well.  Many homeowners have been able to qualify for a mortgage rate of around 4.75% while others that haven’t been able to get a rate that low are still able to refinance for around 5%.

Homeowners have been looking to make their mortgage payment more affordable over the last year or so, as the recession took a big toll on many homeowners’ personal finances.  In the hopes of not only helping the housing market, but homeowners as well, many lenders have been able to offer low mortgage rates for months.

There is speculation that mortgage rates are going to rise in the next few months, but there is no certainty in that prediction.  However, current mortgage rates from lenders like JP Morgan, as well as others, have made not only mortgage rates for homeowners more affordable, but many homeowners have seen a lower monthly mortgage payment after refinancing, as well.

Keep in mind that there are other lenders offering great mortgage rates outside of JP Morgan, so look around for the best rate if you are looking into refinancing.  Also, if you are looking to either refinance or buy a home for the first time, be sure that you are financially able to do so before proceeding.