Student Loans With Bad Credit—Paying For School Is Still An Option

Many people who want to either return or go to college for the first time feel that bad credit is going to stop the from getting a student loan, but this isn’t correct.  Many people feel that student loans are similar to home or personal loans, and there are some forms of financial aid that do mirror these types of loans, but student loans are a bit different.

Many people that have a bad credit score feel student loans are unavailable but loans like subsidized and unsubsidized Stafford Loans, which are federal student loans, are usually given without a credit check.  If, for some reason, your credit is factored into a student loan, typically the only limitation is the amount you can borrow, which usually increases each year.

Also, if you have a co-signer there are forms of student loans available based on their credit score.  However, federal student loans are going to be your best bet as the offer anyone, bad credit or good, the opportunity to get an education.

Looking online and doing some research about what is available, specifically in your case, is going to yield a wealth of results, so you will need to take the time to research.  Just remember, a bad credit score is no excuse to forgo your college education.