Can Employer Group Health Insurance Benefit Employees With Pre-Existing Conditions?

Many employees worry about their health insurance and feel that, if they have a pre-existing condition they are going to be unable to acquire health insurance.  However, this may not be entirely the case and some employers that obtain an employee group health insurance package from an insurance agent may be able to help out these employees that have pre-existing conditions.

According to the National Association Of Health Underwriters, no one with a pre-existing condition can be turned down for group health insurance if their employer obtains a group health insurance plan.  This can be beneficial to anyone that may have a pre-existing condition and in need of healthcare coverage.

The problem though is that an insurer is able to look back at a specific amount of health history on those they are going to cover and they can, for up to one year, excluded certain conditions to be covered.  This time can vary depending on the state and insurers must give an employee with a pre-existing condition credit for any prior time spend waiting for health insurance coverage to begin to cover their condition.

Any employer that may be interested in getting group health insurance for employees should be aware that it could be a good investment in your workforce.  Many people will stay loyal to an employer just for the benefits alone, so if you are a small business owner you may want to consider group health insurance since it could go a long way in helping your employees.