The Unemployment Benefits Extension Problem; Will The Jobs Bill Work Before Benefits Expire?


Many out-of-work Americans are facing what seems like a long fight against unemployment and with a finite amount of unemployment benefits to be had, many are wondering what will happen if something isn’t done about jobs or if unemployment benefits aren’t extended.

Jobs have been, what many consider to be, an afterthought over the last year as healthcare and bailouts took the front seat.  However, unemployment benefits were given extensions and there were job stimulus packages that helped both businesses and individual, yet despite success for some, there remains trouble for many.

President Obama said in his State of the Union Address that he didn’t think that just by him being elected everything would automatically work itself out, and with partisan politics and what analysts and news organizations are calling lackluster programs set in place, President Obama still has a difficult task ahead.

The problem with continued unemployment benefits extensions are they will most likely expire before a vast amount of jobs are created.  There seems to be promise in the jobs bill that has been proposed, but since the bill has yet to be passed we don’t know the specifics.

Many American’s unemployment benefits have either expired or are set to expire in the next month, if not sooner, so solutions need to be presented, no matter if they are in the form of more benefits for the unemployed or jobs being created.

As unpopular as many see unemployment benefits extensions, it is the only income available to those who lost their job during the recession and are now unable to find new employment due to the poor job market.

Unemployment benefits may not be popular, and some people do take advantage of the program, but the negatives that come from unemployment extensions are far less than the resulting devastation that would result when millions of Americans are left without any form of income.

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