Six-Month Unemployment Benefits Extension Attached To Defense Bill; Must Pass Before December 18th



A six-month unemployment benefits extension is attached to the defense bill that has a must pass date of December 18th. While nothing is for certain, it seems that the hope for the unemployment benefits extension may be on the way and to the delight of many in need of unemployment extension. This defense bill, again, must be passed by December 18th when temporary funding expires, so if all goes well there will be an extension of unemployment benefits.

There have been no specifics released yet since the bill isn’t finalized nor has it been passed at the release time of this article, however, there are still dissentions in the bill over particulars and many feel that certain aspects of this bill are promoting the ongoing war, so the process has been slow.

On a bright note, there have been no reports of really any opposition to including an unemployment benefits extension and there is talk of some stimulus going to states for interior projects and assistance for state’s that are financially hurting, so that public employees can keep their job.

An unemployment benefits extension has been sought by so many for weeks, even months, and in the legislation, which will have to be finalized before the end of the year, it looks as if there will be extended benefits for many who are in need.

Check back with over the next few days for more information on the unemployment benefits extension.

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