Obama Pushes For COBRA Benefits Extension To Aid Unemployed Before Deadline Of Dec. 31st

President Obama is backing the proposal to aid those who are unemployed by extending the COBRA healthcare benefits program as many unemployed stand to lost their benefits by December 31st.

The end of the current COBRA benefits program is set to expire at the close of the year but with unemployment still such a wide problem there is need for those who are out of work and unable to afford healthcare benefits to have additional coverage from the COBRA program.

If this proposal creates an extension for COBRA there will be about six months of additional coverage for anyone whose COBRA healthcare benefits are about to expire but with the expiration date so close fast work will have to be done to extend COBRA.

President Obama also outlined his plan today for aid in the job market and hopes that his programs, along with congressional help, will reign in the unemployment numbers. Until there is progress made on the unemployment front those who are depending on COBRA healthcare benefits will have to wait and hope for an extension.  Those who are dealing with unemployment and COBRA may also be seeking a printable medicaid online form.  These online applications help struggling individuals figure out if they have a chance to get medical money help.