Temporary Holiday Jobs Seen As Gifts By Unemployed; Can You Make Yours Last?

Temporary holiday jobs are seen by many unemployed individuals as an early gift this holiday season as many professionals, managers, and overqualified men and women are taking jobs well below their skill and experience levels just to make some extra money as they still seek out employment.

The temporary holiday jobs used to be a foot-in-the-door opportunity for many who would go above and beyond what was expected and could turn a temporary job into a more permanent position, but those days seem to be long gone, at least for this year. So, with many people vying for temporary holiday jobs it looks like the lucky ones who get hired are going to be out the door again after the holidays.

A sign of the economy is seen in these temporary holiday jobs because a vast amount of overqualified people are taking immense pay cuts by taking these temporary jobs and with reports that the majority of the workforce is moving to contract jobs it seems that unless we’re presented with a Christmas miracle the job market still has a long way to grow.

If you are lucky enough to get a temporary holiday job, and there are still advertisements and need for workers, make the best of it. Do your job like you own the company, go above what is asked, and when things are nearing an end simply ask if there are any available opportunities for you.

If so, that’s great, but if not then your work ethic will remain in that employer’s mind and you may get an opportunity down the road. The bottom line is make yourself an asset wherever you are and the only thing anyone who is looking for a job can do is keep trying.  During the holiday shopping season many will enjoy college football championship games.  This is a time when the best teams play their best.  Unfortunately, those picking up holiday hours will have to watch a later broadcast or a recorded DVR’d version of the game.