Google Goggles and Google Real Time Search; Can Anyone Stop Google?

Google, the Internet search engine giant has some new products and programs in the works that may just boost the company’s popularity past the point many thought comprehensible.

To compete with Apple and the iPhone, Google has created Google Android, which is an operating system that rivals the iPhone in style and technology, but many argue the Apps, or applications, for Google’s Android can’t compete. However, with a product called Google Goggles the beginning of a long competition between the two companies may begin to grow fiercer.

Google Goggles is a program that allows a user to take a picture of a sign or famous location and instantly be given Google search results on their phone. The idea is the Google Android will provide a better, more capable Web browsing experience, thereby allowing Google Goggles to give anyone who snaps a picture access to the vast Google database.

Anything from small signs to famous landmarks are game for Google Goggles as the company seeks to expand the photographic ability and information retrieval capabilities of the product, which is still in the testing phase.

If Google searches were viewed a lacking by anyone the company has stated it will introduce real-time searches for their site. Basically, the Google site will be equipped with real-time updates for popular news and searches, as well as relevance in relation to individual searches. New content is said to take seconds to show up on the real-time search results page, so with Microsoft and Yahoo joining forces in the search world it looks like Google is ready for the competition.

Millions of internet users are using Google to search for everything from streaming radio of sports events to shopping sales and deals.  It will be interesting to see just how far Google can go with products like Google Plus, Google Glass and future endeavors.