First-Time Filing For Unemployment; Unemployment Claims And Benefits Early December

The number of people filing for unemployment for the first time fell last week and the number of unemployment claims and benefit payouts seem to be going down as well. The drop in the amount of first-time filers for unemployment and the number of unemployment claims and benefits surprised many in early December.

Some credit this drop in first-time filers for unemployment to the slowing of lay-offs by many employers, though some states are still struggling with job loss. Many are saying, though this isn’t particularly good news, it is a step in the right direction. There are many still collecting unemployment benefits and making unemployment claims but the numbers are slowing.

The drop in first-time unemployment filings is the equivalent of slowing a runaway train. The poor job market and unemployment is carrying a lot of people and while many cry out for a reversal a run-away train needs to be stopped before the direction is reversed and, happily, the drop in first-time unemployment filings seems to be doing just that.

With Congress and the Obama Administration looking for solutions to the unemployment problem hopefully the claims for unemployment and the jobless rate will begin to abate and the job economy will turn around sooner rather than later.  In the next few weeks millions will be looking for ways to save money before the NFL season.  Some diehard fans will look for the Broncos live stream radio broadcast so they do not spend money on the NFL Sunday ticket or season tickets.  Creating a strong budget and sticking to it is essential during football season.