Facebook Safety Issues To Be Improved By Advisory Board; Keeping Your Information Private On Facebook

Facebook is addressing the safety issues that many feel are a problem on the popular social networking site but Facebook has formed an advisory board to overhaul their security settings for users.

Although the specifics haven’t been made public just yet, updates in the security settings are aimed to make information more private for users, as well as specific users like parents and teachers.

There have been issues in the past over pictures of users being used for advertising and issues like these are still concerns for users, but ultimately the responsibility falls on the user. Keeping passwords secret, informing Facebook of inappropriate behavior and using the privacy setting provided by Facebook are just a few ways to keep a users privacy safely in tact.

Also, controlling what you put on your profile is something Facebook can’t control. Yes, Facebook does have a responsibility to make sure no user information is given away or leaked but there is also the responsibility of the user to control what can be seen on their page. Hopefully, a joint effort by Facebook’s Safety Advisory Board and Facebook users will put to rest any privacy problems that may arise in the future.

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