Wal-Mart Wii Console $50 Gift Card Promotion

Wal-Mart is running a promotion for a free $50 gift card if you purchase a Nintendo Wii before December 12th. This free $50 gift card offer is going above and beyond in the holiday retail wars as many video game sellers, like GameStop and Best Buy are fighting to keep up with the aggressive deals and sales Wal-Mart is putting forth.

Wal-Mart recently went to war in the book world by lowering the prices of newly released books and caused Amazon.com to follow suit, which instigated a battle over prices.

However, Wal-Mart has now taken things a step further in the realm of video games by offering an additional incentive to buy the already lower priced Nintendo Wii by just giving away a $50 gift card. That means anyone who buys a Wii from Wal-Mart can take their $50 gift card and perhaps buy a game or two for their new Wii console.

The add-ons of game consoles are what usually cause a headache for most buyers as additional games and amenities like more controllers can be costly, but in what many consider a brilliant move, Wal-Mart is offering the $50 gift card so someone who might have been hesitant to buy the Wii due to the additional cost for games now has a reason to make a purchase.

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