The Unemployment Problem: Tips On Applying And Interviewing For Jobs

Unemployment has flooded the job market with resumes and job seekers who are shark-like in their intensity for landing a job, as overqualified and under-qualified applicants vie for the attention of employers and a badly needed job. So, what can anyone do to stand out in this sea of competition?

First, write a cover letter, and not just a general cover letter. If you are unemployed you have time to do some research on the company and job you are looking to grab. Make it short, a paragraph or two, relevant to the job, and mention a few things about the company you may have read on their Website and how you have similar goals. Don’t tell them about your skills, save that for the resume, but let them know who you are as a person because most employers just see a pile of papers and stale cover letters.

Second, write a resume that tells your job history and the skills and experience you have that will matter to the job for which you are applying. Be honest and specific. You can tell about hobbies and interests but only if it adds to how you would be best for the job. If you are applying for a job at a bank or as a teacher then your hobby of collecting antique teapots may not help your chances.

If you get an interview think of every question they may ask, no matter how stale or interesting and make sure you have specific examples of situations where you learned or did something that might be impressive, show you taking charge, or being clever, but don’t brag or drone on and on and on and on. Again, specific and relative answers are best in the interview.

Also, ask the interviewers questions. What is a typical day like, what do they expect from the person in the position for which you’re applying; questions about the job show you’re interested. Also, it never hurts to stroke an interviewers ego. Ask about their education, do they get to use their degree (if they have one), were they hired or promoted, and do they like the company.

Be prepared and some of the worry and nervousness will disappear. If you plan and work at an application/interview and do the best you can then there is really nothing more you can do. If you get the job that’s great, but if not then it wasn’t meant to be so move on to the next one.

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