N.C. State University Creates New, Bendable Antennas For A Wide Range Of Uses

N.C. State University, in Raleigh, North Carolina has created a new type of antenna, which uses “liquid metal and elastomeric microchannels” that enables it to perform like a regular metal antenna, only better.

Why invent a new antenna?  Simply put, they are everywhere today from cell phones to GPS systems.  A regular antenna can only do so much and sustain a certain amount of bending and tweaking before it breaks, so with a new bendable antenna more can be accomplished in a variety of places.

The hope is these new antennas will be of use in new areas like public safety and the military since this new breed of antenna is said to be able to withstand being bent, twisted, cut and stretched and still return to its original shape.

If that’s not impressive enough, one of the researchers, Dr. Michael Dickey says, [since] the frequency of an antenna is determined by its shape…you can tune these antennas by stretching them.”

The developers are still looking into the properties of the materials used for this project to see of what use they can be, but the value is already apparent.  With the world going wireless antennas are needed and this new breed of antenna should be a benefit to organizations and devices of all kinds.

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